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Practical information

This webpage gives you the most relevant information about, for instance the programme and costs of each training course. Various practical issues are also of interest.

You will find that our website,, provides immediate answers to most of your questions. You can of course also call us on 035 6 956 200 from Monday to Thursday between 08.30 and 18.00 hrs and on Fridays between 08.30 and 17.00 hrs. We have a team of professional advisors who are happy to answer your queries. They can tell you all about the open training courses and the Leadership Academy.

If you want to find out more about our customised and in-company projects, please contact our expert consultants on 035 6 956 211 or use this contact form. We will provide the best advice for your training requirements!


We believe in training with smaller groups. This allows for room for discussion and attention to personal issues. You will be sharing your experiences with the other participants. This way you learn from your trainer and from each other, and you will find out how other organisations operate. It will also enable you to expand your network. All evaluations show that our students highly appreciate this. Exciting, instructive and inspiring!


As we form part of the NCOI Group, we can organise the training courses efficiently and we can offer them at multiple locations in the Netherlands. We combine top quality with maximum flexibility and attractive rates. And it is that unique combination that sets us apart from others.

Other than many rival training agencies, we offer you a high level of flexibility and different start moments per year. Extensive and up-to-date information about the start of your training course and corresponding dates can be found on our website. Once you are registered with us you will also see all training dates via e-Connect.


We are a nationally operating training agency with a large number of training locations. This means there will always be a training course available near you. We organise training courses in 7 locations in the Netherlands. These locations are indicated on the map. The location, day or evening and time at which each training course can be followed are indicated on the map. We use excellent locations that are easy to reach by public and private transport. Modern training facilities are used during the meetings.


We will give you various study materials, such as a training folder, supplementary literature and the online training environment on e-Connect. The quality of the material is vital for the quality of the training course. That is why we ourselves select and develop the most up-to-date study materials for all training courses and study programmes. We do of course not forget that you have to be able to immediately apply it in your own situation.

Location and package costs

Boertien Vergouwen Overduin offers an evening package that comprises unlimited tea, coffee and ice water. The day package additionally comprises an extensive lunch. The amounts charged for these packages are € 5.50 (excl. VAT) and € 25.00 (excl. VAT) respectively.
If the study programme or training course of your choice indicates both package and location costs, you will be charged with both. Location costs are € 29.50 (excl. VAT) per day and € 10.- for evenings (excl. VAT).
The kickoff of the Leadership Academy includes diner, at an additional cost of € 15.- (excl. VAT). 

Reprographic reproduction rights and handouts

We charge the costs for reprographic reproduction rights and handouts for all training courses. This concerns a lump sum of € 15.00 (excl. VAT).


All prices on this website are subject to 21% VAT. For organisations that cannot claim back VAT, the product range can be invoiced without VAT. In that case, a VAT correction of 10% is applied. This constitutes a big gain on the price including VAT and is definitely recommended. For private individuals who pay their own study programme or training course no VAT correction will be applied.
All study materials, reprographic reproduction rights and package costs are subject to 9% VAT. VAT for package costs is not refundable.
The extent of VAT is subject to any legislative changes.

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